• How MetaSys Software Helped Merge Multiple FileMaker Files to a Single FileMaker Formula File – Case Study


    Our client, is in the textile business and manages their manufacturing processes using multiple FileMaker application files. We helped them migrate from the FileMaker 5 version to the then latest FileMaker version. Their biggest pain point was, they had thousands of Formula files as separate FileMaker files. Each Formula file contained a formula/recipe for a […]

  • Editing & Restricting record access privileges – FileMaker


    We will illustrate a case study to demonstrate how to restrict users with limited access from editing a record once it is created. The Requirement The client that manages their business processes via a set of FileMaker files, has different access levels for different users based on their specific assigned roles. The client has a […]

  • Call FileMaker Script from a JavaScript function


    This article is the second part of a two-part series diving into some new features of FileMaker 19. In the previous article (https://www.metasyssoftware.com/blogs/integrating-jquery-datatable-in-filemaker-application-using-perform-javascript-in-web-viewer), we explored the new FileMaker script step “Perform JavaScript in Web Viewer”. Using this feature, we added the jQuery data table in FileMaker Web Viewer. In this article, we will explore how […]