• Why use React Native for your Enterprise Mobile App Development?


    React Native is a JavaScript-based application development framework that allows developers to build an application that works on both Android as well as iOS platforms. React Native uses a single coding language that is recognized on iOS and Android platforms. Before the introduction of this cross-platform mobile app development framework, developers had to create a […]

  • How to Create a React Native NPM Package?


    NPM is a Package Manager for Node JS. It was first created in 2009 as an open-source project to help JavaScript developers to easily share their code in the form of packages. NPM allows you to install the various public packages for the project. NPM has over 8,00,000 packages with public access. My intention behind […]

  • How to implement Internationalization for a React Application


    Internationalization of an application, document or product refers to the development of easy content localization, i.e. modifying the content to target the language and culture of the region. Internationalizing an application leads to improved usability by people located across the globe. There are two main aspects to internationalization, firstly the detection of the user’s local […]