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Your Outsourcing Partner Providing Custom Software Solutions for US & Canada - MetaSys Software

MetaSys Software is a custom software development company that provides tailor-made solutions to clients in the United States of America. We use cutting-edge technologies like Microsoft Dot.Net, Dot Net Core, and Microsoft Azure as well as FileMaker, PHP, React, and more to build bespoke software solutions, for mobile and web...

Those looking to enhance their business capabilities with the help of such customized solutions can speak to our consultants now! From inventory management to project time tracking, our innovative range of products helps you smoothen your business processes. So, if you’re looking for a dependable and cost-effective IT outsourcing partner, contact MetaSys Software now!

As a Microsoft Silver Competency Partner and Claris Partner, you can be sure that you are in competent hands.


MetaBiz is a Multi-Platform business management software with the ability to handle several aspects of Workflow Management as well as Customer Relationship Management. It is a Claris FileMaker based software originally created in FileMaker 12, it has been upgraded a few times and currently works with Claris FileMaker 19.

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FM Quizilla

FM Quizilla is a FileMaker Certification practice app which helps you prepare for exams through various features like Historical Analysis, View Progress etc. The application is available on Google Play store as well Apple App Store.

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As the name suggests, MetaTrack facilitates tracking time spent on specific tasks and objects. It has got a state-of-the-art reporting section providing detailed insights segregated by employees, projects & company. Employees who are on the go can submit their time entries through their phones from anywhere. Role-based access allows different levels of access.

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FM Licensing

As a FileMaker Business Alliance Member, we are authorized resellers of FileMaker licenses. If you want to buy new or upgrade your existing FileMaker license please contact us. To know more

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In recent times, cross-platform development has become an integral aspect of software development. React Programmers generally prefer the online repository Node Pocket Manager. We believe this is a significant contribution on MetaSys’s part taking into consideration the challenges we faced while developing a common application for both Android & iOS. We offer multi-platform UI form field widgets in our flexible NPM package.

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  • Legacy App Migration

  • Application Integration

  • Web App Development

  • Enterprise Mobile App Development

Legacy App Migration

As time passes, it becomes necessary to upgrade to new technologies and get rid of obsolete and fragile apps which are used in the business. Our Legacy app migration experts, provide hassle-free integration of legacy apps to new and upgraded technologies.

Application Integration

We provide diversified app integration services using different technologies like Dot net, FileMaker, SQL, iOS, PHP, React, ASP.Net, Javascript and jQuery to customers across various industries and geographies.

Web App Development

Our highly experienced developers are well-equipped to design customized B2B & B2C web portals as per your requirement.

Enterprise Mobile App Development

MetaSys provides all-around solutions to companies who are looking to fulfil their business objectives using enterprise mobile apps.

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