NPM Widgets: MetaSys Software's Multi-platform Solution

In recent times, cross-platform development has become an integral aspect of software development. React Programmers generally prefer the online repository Node Pocket Manager. This is a significant contribution on MetaSys’s part, taking into consideration the challenges we faced while developing a common application for both Android & iOS. We offer multi-platform UI form field widgets in our flexible NPM package.

The package is based on React hooks and typescript, which provides an error-free field. Our package also facilitates a clean and sophisticated look and feel while giving good performance parallelly on Android as well iOS.

The React Native package includes primary form fields such as Radio Button, CheckBox, Dropdown List and different types of Text Fields. The code handles most of the use cases for various fields. Developers can surpass the required properties and get their results quickly and without hassle. We have also included the documentation which will help you integrate with your React Native projects on the NPM website. This version is compatible with react-native 0.60 and above.

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