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Some words of Appreciation from our Esteemed Clients

  • “MetaSys is a pleasure to work with from both a professional and a personal level. Every member of Sunil’s team displayed a remarkable degree of professionalism, dedication and skill. I have the highest praise and the fondest memories working with MetaSys.”

    Marc Odo, Director, Client Consulting and Education Zephyr, USA

  • “I had the opportunity to review the work done by MetaSys and was very impressed by the professionalism, high quality and completeness of the code. I would not hesitate to contact them for outsourcing.”

    Jesse Liberty, CEO of Liberty Associates, Boston

  • “We are using MetaSys to do ongoing development of FileMaker applications. We have found MetaSys to be reliable, consistent, high quality and affordable. They have professional management processes in place to ensure quality and productivity, and the programmers are easy to work with.”

    Steve Harris, President, TrackIT, USA

  • “Our company has been working with MetaSys for roughly eight months now, on two separate contracts. They were brought on as the primary programming team for both projects, each of which requires heavy spec, engineering and programming hours each month. For each project, the MetaSys team has been able to hit deadlines, even with functional specifications constantly changing. With this level of scalability, we have been able to supply our customers with quality work in a very timely manner. Each of the representatives from MetaSys that I have dealt with has been trained extremely well in not only programming but also top notch customer service. My clients have never been happier now that they are getting quality work done at a faster rate than ever before. MetaSys has the ability to scale out projects on a month-to-month basis in a way, unlike the competition. Their internal processes are incredibly efficient and it has become quickly apparent that their company is run as a well-oiled engine. This team comes highly recommended for any company with software development needs. Their customer service, level of professionalism, expertise and scalability truly separate them from their competitors.”

    John Nerbonne, Co-Owner, Kaysid Internet Solutions

  • “I am very pleased with your work; especially THINKING (as opposed to just programming). Very few people in the industry go beyond their given brief.”

    Daniel Harris, Partner of En-terpret.Co, Chicago

  • “We have worked with MetaSys on three projects. They have been conscientious, reliable and responsive to our needs; working hard to make sure that we get exactly what we want when we need it. We recommend them highly and would certainly be happy to work with them again.”

    Dawn Metcalfe

  • “I find your product for certification on iPhone very interesting and I take the liberty to announce you to some sites like or Thanks, good job!!”

    Joel Sebas, FM Quizilla 4 user

  • “It’s been a pleasure for our team to work with MetaSys. Your direction and professionalism have been second to none.”

    Tom Coelho, President of Northrock, Bermuda

  • “While heading up product development for an advisor of a U.S. family of institutional mutual funds, I worked closely with MetaSys in developing an investment planning tool for clients of RIAs, brokers and bank trust departments. What we produced was an extraordinarily comprehensive, and effective program that was surprisingly user-friendly. MetaSys leadership in the design of the interface and their ability to bring that design to fruition was remarkably seamless. Sunil Chavan and his team were readily available and quickly resolved the issues.”

    Michael Daley, CIO of Northern Lights Ventures, USA

  • “The application you have developed for us is A+ in every respect. You guys are a genius.”

    Steve Mariotti, CEO of NFTE, New York

  • “My organization has been working with MetaSys for over a decade for desktop application and web-based software application development. We value the relationship we have built and know that MetaSys not only employs highly qualified developers but are quick to react in the ever-changing landscape of digital technologies. We consider MetaSys as an integral part of our daily business.”

    Brent Gardner, G7Solutions

  • “MetaSys has done a fantastic job. We launched the web application yesterday and it worked very well. Great job.”

    Scott Amyoony, CTO, IB Couriers, Bermuda

  • “We are an international company based in Switzerland and MetaSys has been our valued partner for tailor-made software development solutions for the past 11 years. They have an experienced team that is professional and extremely fine-tuned to business requirements. Their constructive and effective approach to problem-solving and business solution makes them a perfect partner for us. We highly recommend them.”

    Naji Halabi, HBP Milestone S.A

  • “It has always been a pleasure working with MetaSys. They are a team of highly efficient professionals who consistently deliver the best quality applications on time. The team has a deep analytical understanding of our business needs and comprehends what needs to be done and optimally utilizes our time by asking the right questions and promptly responding to our queries. The best part about MetaSys is that they work as our partners and not service providers. We have been working with MetaSys since 5 years without a glitch and look forward to many more years of productive association with them.

    MetaSys Software has proven to be a great asset to our company. Over the years they have done a great job understanding and developing software that satisfies the needs of customers. Their work has been so outstanding that we even trust MetaSys with in-house projects for our own company. MetaSys takes the time to first understand the scope and requirements of every project we work on together. The time gap between us and them work in our favour. We can leave them with enhancements or changes late in the day in our time zone and have the updates the next morning when we arrive. This is one of the most professional software company we have ever worked with.”

    Rod Farrington, Gorham’s Home Centre / St. Johns Property Ltd., Bermuda

  • “MetaSys Software has helped us deliver a number of high-quality projects throughout our relationship, we look forward to continue working closely with them.”

    Christopher Goodreds, IMAS

  • “I wish to put on record that I have not seen a more professional and committed organization than MetaSys. Working day & night to ensure that ‘Our’ business does not suffer is truly commendable.”

    S.M. Pathania, Director, Greenways, Mumbai

  • Genavix started working with MetaSys in 2010 and they are still our valued partner in 2022. You don’t reach the 12 year mark with your software development team unless they are exceptionally successful at delivering what you need to move your business forward.
    When we started working with MetaSys, they had to take over the development of a complex portal that had been botched by a previous vendor. They quickly got the project back on the right track and they have kept us moving in the right direction ever since. The MetaSys team is full of experienced, knowledgeable people and they have the resources and training that they need to excel. A key reason why they are so good is that they don’t just write code blindly. They understand our business and our processes, which is a huge differentiator.
    MetaSys delivers consistent, superior results and support. If failure isn’t an option for your software development, you need to talk to MetaSys.

    David Wolff, Genavix Inc.