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Applications, which for some reason have never been upgraded, are known as Legacy Applications. As time passes, they tend to become extremely fragile & undependable due to which their migration path is not straightforward and often times there is no documentation. Companies need to find a way out to migrate to the latest version of the hardware & software platform to meet the ever-changing business needs as a rewrite of the complete application is extremely expensive.

Here are some other reasons Migration is necessary:


Support and Maintenance for the old version of applications is expensive. Service levels and support is not available.


Applications become vulnerable to security breaches


To keep the system updated with latest technology and business needs


Performance is poor and the user Interface is too clunky for the modern user


Migration to the latest version also opens up many options like cloud hosting, web extensibility etc.

Our Legacy App Migration Services:

  • Migrating to the latest version and resolving any issues due to Migration

  • Addressing any pain points due to limitations of existing/old versions

  • Introducing new features and enhancements after migration

  • Performance improvements

  • Testing

  • Data migration

  • Maintenance & Support After Migration

Our migration process

  • Analyze the application and its flow

  • Find out the deprecated features used in the application

  • Find out the Pain points and also find out if any structural change is needed

  • Upgrade/Implement the changes in the test environment

  • Testing and Resolving the issues

  • Many times a data import utility is needed to transfer Production data from the legacy system to the upgraded system

  • Testing by Power users, resolve issues if any

  • Finally, going live with Production data. This needs to be thought through and planned properly to have minimal impact on the business continuity.

  • Support and Maintenance after going Live.

Migration to the latest version also opens up many new technology options like cloud hosting, web extensibility, integration with third-party web services.

Why MetaSys for Legacy App Migration?

  • Hassle-free integration of existing applications to upgraded systems
  • High-quality technical expertise and the bandwidth to implement the upgrade to newer technology
  • Reduced operational costs after upgrading to newer version of the apps
  • Expertise in old as well as the latest technologies helps our developers to fill in the gap in legacy systems
  • We execute an error-free migration process & our developers closely monitor the entire process

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