FM Quizilla: A Filemaker Certification Practice App

FM Quizilla is a FileMaker Certification practice app which helps you prepare for exams through various features like Historical Analysis, View Progress etc. The application is available on Google Play store as well Apple App Store.
In a recent development, Claris has altered its strategy for FileMaker certification and is slowly moving away from version-specific exam. In the latest version of our app, we have made the necessary changes to factor in FileMaker’s strategy.
Our question banks have also been revised according to Claris FileMaker knowledge domains which along with other existing features will help the developer prepare for the exam better. All the best!


  • Replicating the module weightage in the certification exam, you can take a Practice Test with 60 random questions to prepare better.

  • Tips and Mock Tests to support comprehensive learning.

  • New features like Final Score Summary & Historical Analysis.

  • In-depth review of attempted questions and correct answers.

  • Social Media Sharing option through Whatsapp, Facebook & Twitter.

FM Quizilla on Android and iPhone

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