8 Features required in a Workflow Management Software

Managing daily business chores in an organized and efficient manner is no more an easy task. So it becomes imperative for organizations to invest in customized workflow management systems which can help in scaling up production. Also, since the kind of tasks involved in every organization differs, the one size fits all is now a legacy.

This article throws light on some of the most important features which should be a part of Workflow management software.

  1. Intuitive dashboards:

    A good WMS should have an intuitive dashboard which will give the user an overall picture of sales, inventory, invoices etc. It should help in easy tracking of different tasks through the graphical representation of data. The WMS must help the user to navigate to different sets of data through the Dashboard.

  2. Managing Roles and Access Rights:

    The user should be able to easily manage the roles and access rights of employees to avoid misuse of data. Some of it might be sensitive in nature and should not be accessed by everyone. So the system should allow the project managers to easily manage the roles and access rights of employees.

  3. Managing and nurturing leads:

    Your WMS should act as an important sales tool and not just a contact management platform. It should help in quick access to Contacts, Communication, Invoices etc. and should help in tracking and personalizing the communication with the client.

  4. Managing products:

    Managing different lineage of products/brands which are catering to different markets can be a cumbersome task. A good WMS will have all the necessary features which can help the users to manage the entire product portfolio more effortlessly! It will help you in accessing all the product details in one single platform, track all product deliveries, print, and scan all product pictures etc.

  5. Project management:

    Project management is a complex task. A good WMS will have essential features like assigning different tasks to the employees, tracking time and converting project time to invoices, scheduling/ rescheduling of projects etc. The WMS should enable managing of all project deadlines within time and budget.

  6. Time management:

    The WMS should be able to track time spent by employees on different tasks in order to make them more efficient and productive. It should divide complex tasks into different sets of actions. This will help the users to estimate the time duration of all the actions.

  7. Integration with Outlook:

    Nowadays most of the business communication happens on Microsoft Outlook. So won’t it be great if you can access all the customer information at one single place? A workflow management software with Outlook Integration will help you to gather different business insights in one single platform.

MetaSys Software has an off the shelf customizable solution – MetaBiz which has all the above features. For downloading the trial version please visit https://www.metasyssoftware.com/meta-biz

MetaBiz – A FileMaker based Custom App

Small and Medium Businesses have to deal with the several challenges

How to automate repetitive processes and become more efficient?

How to have the overall picture and know what needs attention and when?

How do we grow the business?

How to have all customer contact information distributed among employees in one place?

How do we keep track of all customer initiatives?

How can we grow revenue per customer? Grow revenue per employee?

Workflow Management Software and CRM Software helps to manage these. There are several products available. The challenge is that while packaged software is affordable they are expensive to customize. The average Small business finds the development of customized software expensive and time-consuming.

If you are struggling with these issues then choose MetaBiz as your CRM platform as it offers cost effective and easy to customize solutions.

‘MetaBiz’ a Multi-platform business management software has all the core functionalities required by small and medium businesses. It can be quickly customized to suit different business processes! MetaBiz is a business & workflow management software built using FileMaker Pro making it highly accessible across multiple devices like desktop, iPad, and iPhone. Web access is possible as much as is natively supported by the WebDirect feature within FileMaker.

Some of the business processes where MetaBiz can add value:

  1. Contact Management:

    This module offers more than just contact information. MetaBiz offers a solution through which you can organize all the details about a particular lead like contact details, communication History, invoices, project details, action details etc.

  2. Inventory planning and management:

    Entrepreneurs should have a deep understanding of demand and supply equation across all products. A business software can help in lowering costs, prevent errors in demand and supply of stock and speed up fulfilling client orders. MetaBiz can play an important role here. The software stores product catalog along with specifications and pricing details in the system. The inventory log gets automatically updated whenever an invoice is generated. This helps in proper inventory planning and management.

  3. Workflow Management:

    MetaBiz lets you streamline your workflow processes by setting up multiple actions. You can create alert for those who need to take a particular action, prioritize actions and mark them completed when it’s done, set deadlines and keep the process moving as per the timeline. This helps in effective workflow management. You can also view the ‘Actions’ in the calendar by checking on ‘Show on calendar’ settings.

  4. Business analytics:

    A business needs to take sound commercial decisions by effectively interpreting the available data to provide actionable insights. MetaBiz just does that. It helps in determining accurate project cost on the basis of billable hours and product costs.  Predefined reports based on timesheet, invoices, and actions can be generated to get a detailed perspective. Also, invoices within a specific date range can be accessed easily. Additional reports can be created as needed.

  5. User & Application Management:

    User management is important for setting up a secure system. MetaBiz User management system offers much more than just security. The software allows the Administrator to manage users and user roles, track their timesheets, set up and manage Company Info, Company logo, currency, Invoice templates and much more.

  6. Mail management:

    MetaBiz can be configured to send emails via Email Client or SMTP server or Outlook account. The Outlook Manipulator plug-in in the software allows all the Outlook data – Mails, contacts, calendar to be accessed from within the application. All critical client related information is available at one place and not residing in individual mailboxes. Data resides centrally and accessible to authenticated users of the system. This is an Add-On feature offered by MetaBiz.

MetaBiz can be customized according to the business requirement of the client. For more information get in touch with us or download the trial version.