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A Proud Claris Partner Providing FileMaker Solutions

MetaSys Software is a Claris Partner specializing in building comprehensive solutions built on the FileMaker platform. Our journey with FileMaker began 20 years ago with version 5 and today we continue to excel with the latest Claris 2023. Aligned with Claris International Inc.’s mission we are dedicated to creating cutting-edge, apps and using the most up-to-date tools and technologies to fulfill the changing needs of our clients. We have solidified our reputation as an offshore FileMaker development company in India. Our clients are located across the globe in the USA, UK, Bermuda, and Europe.
Our track record cuts across several domains, including project management systems, inventory management systems, cruise booking systems, and a tailor-made solution for a courier company to streamline and manage customs procedures and supports delivery logistics and pickups. Our core commitment is to comprehend each client’s unique business landscape. This enables our experts to elevate productivity, streamline and optimize business operations. Our main objective is to Deliver scalable, secure solutions that evolve to match our client’s business requirements.
Our FileMaker team builds applications that are compatible across multiple devices and platforms using the Claris FileMaker technology. FileMaker Server allows multiple users, located at the same or different locations, to work on the same FileMaker file. The major advantage of FileMaker Server is that all the solutions hosted by it are reliable and secure. It also provides integration options with third-party software like MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle. Data is securely transferred via the built-in scheduler, which also guarantees regular database backups
MetaSys Software takes pride in being your reliable partner in FileMaker development and is commited to quality. We empower your company with the full potential of FileMaker, through custom software development, legacy app migration, and the creation of custom web solutions, with the inbuilt power of Claris FileMaker Cloud and Claris Connect. Connect with us now to talk about your project

Why Choose MetaSys for Your FileMaker Development Needs?

20+ Years of FileMaker Expertise

As an offshore Claris FileMaker development company in India, we have over 20 years of expertise in FileMaker development and can provide effective solutions suited to your needs

End-to-End Solutions

Our FileMaker experts offer end-to-end solutions, assuring seamless integration and efficient functionality from ideation to execution.

Certified FileMaker Professionals

The team at MetaSys Software, consists of qualified FileMaker professionals with the abilities to create robust, scalable, and secure solutions.

Customization Excellence

With a user-friendly interface and effective workflow management, we specialize in creating custom solutions that exactly match your business objectives.

Multi-Platform Accessibility

Our custom FileMaker applications are built to work on a variety of platforms and devices, including the iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, etc.

Seamless Integrations

We offer seamless integration with third-party software like MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and others using FileMaker's capabilities, boosting the usefulness of your applications.

Agile Development Approach

We adopt agile methodologies to provide you with a flexible development approach, thus ensuring quick iterations, frequent updates, and adaptability to changing project needs.

Timely Delivery

Dedicated Support and Maintenance

Along with offshore FileMaker development, our team also provides specialized support and maintenance services to guarantee your FileMaker applications keep running well.

Why You Should Opt for FileMaker?

What can MetaSys Software's FileMaker development services offer to enhance your projects?

A key benefit of FileMaker is that it enables us to create both complex multi-user client-server systems and incredibly simple solutions that need little to no code. As a proud reputed FileMaker outsourcing company, MetaSys Software offers complete FileMaker development solutions to take your projects to the next level.
We are committed to provide tailored solutions that properly match the demands of your particular project, owing to our extensive experience and staff of certified FileMaker consultants. Here’s how our services can enhance your projects:

Expert Migration Services

We help you seamlessly transition from legacy FileMaker systems to the latest versions, consolidating multiple files into a single unified solution for easy maintenance and development. Our developers have extensive experience in all versions of FileMaker going way back to File Maker 5 & can easily pull off File Consolidations efficiently.

Future-proof Solutions

We guarantee that your applications are scalable, effective, and adaptable to future business requirements with our in-depth knowledge of FileMaker.

Web solutions development

MetaSys has experience of developing web solutions using FileMaker Data API. We have built a cruise booking & reservation system using FileMaker PHP API in the past for a popular river cruise company in Myanmar. For more details on this case study -

Improved Reporting and Analytics

We utilize FileMaker's built-in reporting and charting features to provide in-depth insights and reports that can help with decision-making.

Looking for a dependable Claris FileMaker development company in India? Look no further than MetaSys Software.
To explore your project needs and realize FileMaker’s full potential, get in touch with us now! With our outstanding FileMaker development services, let us be your reliable partner in expanding your business.


FileMaker is a cross-platform database application development software from Claris International, which is a subsidiary of Apple Inc.
  • FileMaker Pro is used to develop as well as modify any custom application.
  • FileMaker Server is used to host the files developed by FileMaker Pro so that it can be accessed by users who are in different locations or at the same location.
  • FileMaker Go is used to access the hosted FileMaker Pro file/files via iOS devices like iphone or ipad.
  • FileMaker solutions can be accessed via browsers using FileMaker WebDirect or FileMaker Data API.
  • FileMaker also have FileMaker Cloud where you can create and host the FileMaker applications.
FileMaker is used to develop simple to complex custom applications. It allows to quickly build and design an application using a GUI which allows to drag and drop controls.
  • One can build the application, mainly the user interface quickly using the inbuilt controls.
  • It provides many starter solutions which can be used for basic needs and can be further customized.
  • It can be accessed via iOS devices like iphone or ipad.
  • It can be extended to Web via FileMaker WebDirect or FM Data API.
  • It provides security by providing different privileges.
  • Different reports can be generated by using the inbuilt report and chart functionality.
  • It allows integration with third-party databases like MySql, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle.
  • PHP: It is an Open source, server-side scripting language for developing Web applications by embedding it into the HTML. It can be connected to databases like MySql, MS SQL Server, Oracle etc. It is platform-independent, i.e. applications developed using PHP can be deployed on different operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac.
  • MySql: It is an Open Source relational database management system for storing data. Data can be stored and manipulated with the help of queries. MySql database server can run on most platforms, be it Linux, Windows, or Mac. It is widely used as a backend for websites developed in PHP.

Yes, MetaSys Software has a great deal of experience migrating existing applications to the FileMaker platform, guaranteeing a smooth transition while maintaining functionality and data integrity. No matter how complicated or old your present system is, our skilled team can manage the migration process effectively.

Outsourcing FileMaker development services to India offers cost-effectiveness without compromising quality, as India boasts a pool of skilled professionals. Moreover, Indian companies such as MetaSys Software provide a wide array of services, quick turnaround times, and a strong commitment to client satisfaction.

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