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February 28, 2023

According to a survey, 8 out of 10 customers consider the experience a company offers to be equally significant as the products or services it provides.

Source: "State of Service," Salesforce, December 2020.

Customer service is no longer an afterthought; it's a core competency. Companies that do a great job of providing excellent customer service will win over those that don't. Customers are looking for companies that provide them with exceptional experiences.

MetaSys believes in the above philosophy, and therefore we have invested heavily in providing superior customer service. We are proud that our relationship with most of our customer’s averages over 10 years.

So, what has been our key recipe for success? Here are some factors that have benefitted us!

  • Understanding client requirements– The MetaSys team is well-versed in knowing client requirements. This enables us to deliver precisely what the client requires. We choose Agile methodology if a client has no set requirements. It aids in the timely design and delivery of Sprints.
  • Time-management– A complex software development project necessitates meticulous planning. As MetaSys developers are aware of this, they provide clients with timely updates. The team is always punctual in attending the meetings. Some mission-critical projects require daily client calls. For such projects, we ensure daily calls between the client and the team. Even if the client's requirements change, we can accommodate the changes in the project. And even in such scenarios, there is no compromise on the deadlines.
  • Availability per client working hours- Since the client and the outsourcing partner work in different time zones, managing international projects can be challenging. But our developers and project managers are always available to assist the client at their convenience. For urgent queries, our team works on weekends as well.
  • Accurate Task-wise Estimate- Project planning is the first step toward any successful project. MetaSys gives a lot of importance to it, so our team prepares detailed task-wise estimates. This helps in meeting the deadlines of the project without much hassles.
  • Trust and Integrity- For over 20 years, MetaSys has been developing custom software. Our typical customer relationship lasts over ten years. We earned this trust by consistently outperforming expectations. And in present, our existing clients' belief in us is primarily based on their faith in us.
  • Suggestions and Inputs– Our team is actively involved in all the projects. The team gives regular suggestions, and their contributions are well-thought-out and beneficial to the client.

Other important factors, which have also helped us in strengthening our relationship with clients include:

  • Providing high-quality deliverables
  • Maintaining better communication and coordination with the client
  • Readiness to achieve goals through a systematic approach
  • Prompt action taken for production
  • Doing backlog grooming, architectural meetings
  • Eagerness to comprehend new requirements and frequently pose pertinent queries to understand more about the project
  • Helping clients in their mission-critical projects, which involves the development of a complex portal that a previous vendor had botched
  • Billing transparency for work hours

All of these factors have contributed to MetaSys becoming what it is today. Through this blog, we'd like to express our gratitude to our clients who have trusted us for so long and do so even now.

For businesses that are still searching for the ideal solution to their custom software needs, MetaSys Software is the best option because of our experience managing software development projects of various complexity levels across different industry verticals.

To know more about the projects which we have handled, read through our case studies.

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