Azure Space in its Entirety

August 1, 2022

The space community is quickly expanding and innovation is decreasing the hurdles to entry for both public and private-sector organisations. Microsoft’s goal is to make space networking and computing more accessible to businesses, especially for industries such as agriculture, energy, telecommunications, and government.

For this purpose, Microsoft is working with SpaceX to provide satellite-powered Internet connectivity on Azure. This collaboration will help Microsoft to deliver cloud services to even the remotest regions of the planet. With Azure Space, Microsoft provides the most ambitious cloud service for businesses.

What is Azure Space?

Azure Space extends Azure capabilities anywhere in the world with Space infrastructure.

It is a cloud computing service by Microsoft for the space community. Its products and services are built on key partnerships and designed to meet the needs of the space community. This technology will help connect people with Azure services and space satellite technology.

Azure Space will link Azure’s existing cloud platform with new data centres and a network of privately owned satellites to supply high-speed Internet across the globe. It is particularly aimed at businesses that are located in remote corners of the world. This will help billions of people worldwide to stay connected.

Benefits of Azure Space:

  • Connectivity to and from remote locations
  • Availability and flexibility of Hyperscale Services
  • Improvement in the quality of satellite imagery using AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the cloud
  • Fastest Internet connections
  • Ability to see through clouds using the SAR and SpaceEye
  • Management of large amounts of data generated by satellites

Azure Space provides:

  • Global Connectivity: It can connect data from anywhere in the world.
  • Artificial Intelligence For Space: – It can collect huge amount of raw space data and turn it into usable information using artificial intelligence.
  • Digital Engineering: It will aid the space community to innovate with speed and mission assurances.
  • Azure in Space: It will also help create unlimited cloud endpoint devices on the planet to connect people from anywhere around the world.

Azure Orbital

Businesses may utilize Azure Orbital Emulator, an impressive feature of Azure Space. Artificial Intelligence simulators are required by this Service to get ready for the space mission. It can aid missions and assist in avoiding costly blunders.

Applications of Azure Orbital

  • Application development
  • AI data and analytics
  • Hybrid cloud and infrastructure
  • Internet of Things. Connect, monitor, and control devices with secure, scalable, and open edge-to-cloud solutions
  • Security and governance

How does Azure Orbital work with other Azure products and services?

Azure Orbital complements other Azure services to make it easy to process and store data from satellites either in the local region of each Azure Orbital antenna or in another Azure region (using the Azure Global backbone).

Azure Modular Datacenter

An Azure Modular Datacenter, or MDC, is a movable field component of Azure data centre that can be used from any location. It is used for those customers who need cloud computing capabilities in hybrid environments, including remote locations.

The Azure Modular Datacenter provides reliability and security, even in executing the most critical applications. It provides Azure processing power and storage.

Azure Modular Datacenter gives customers the ability to migrate their apps to Azure while running these workloads on-premises with low-latency connections to their own data centre.

Azure Services from MetaSys

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