Seamless System Integration: MetaSys Software’s Approach to Enterprise Mobile Apps

October 25, 2023
For businesses to remain competitive in today’s competitive and globally linked business environment, they often require effective mobile applications. In addition to convenience and accessibility, mobile apps also streamline processes and increase productivity. 
However, creating a business mobile app that easily connects with current systems and procedures might be difficult. MetaSys Software as a custom software development company, can help you with this.
MetaSys Software has aided clients in achieving smooth system integration and enhancing the user experience of their mobile apps. This blog discusses MetaSys’ seamless approach for building high-quality enterprise mobile apps.

MetaSys Software’s Approach to a Flawless and Smooth System Integration

  • Our strategy includes meticulous planning, a thorough understanding of the client’s requirements, and providing cutting-edge technical solutions.  
  • We implement mobile apps that integrate with current systems and databases via APIs by utilizing our expertise in developing custom software. 
  • The talented development team at MetaSys Software collaborates closely with clients to produce solutions that are specifically suited to their unique business requirements.

Streamlining Operations, Maximizing Impact: MetaSys Software's Success Stories

Let’s look at a couple of our case studies, which will portray how we, at MetaSys, were able to provide value to our clients. We delivered enterprise apps that could integrate with their existing systems extending their reach and functionality.

Case Study 1: Retail Cigar & Watch Business

  • One of MetaSys Software’s clients is an internationaltrading company for high-end luxury watches and cigars.  
  • Initially, we created a FileMaker inventory management application.Essential capabilities like managing supplier orders, client orders, stock inventories, consignment, and document management were made possible by the application.  
  • The reporting features included purchase/sale reports, commission reports, margin reportscurrent stock status and many more. 
  • The customer also needed a native iOS application for both internal staff and clients to increase efficiency and broaden their reach.   
  • We built native iOS mobile app and web services in PHP with Custom Web Publishing (CWP) features of FileMaker. 
  • Through this integration, real-time data synchronization and improved accessibility were made possible. 
  • In addition, the iOS app was designed to handle activities such as delivering offers to a multiple clients along with several PDF attachments received from different platforms, like the gallery, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

Case Study 2: Machine Data Acquisition on a Mobile Phone

  • Another client of MetaSys Software manufactures imaging equipment and technologies for use in the aviation and medical fields.  
  • Their service engineers needed a quick automated solution to collect machine data while they were remotely consulting with the R&D team during the site visits.  
  • To address this requirement, a mobile app was created by MetaSys Software that communicated using Bluetooth with  an Amplifier (BLE device) mounted on the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) devices. 
  • The engineer’s phone receives the key statistics from the BLE device via the mobile app, where they may be reviewed and sent via email.  Additionally, the data is stored on the server for the Resarch team to analyze .  
  • The online application built by MetaSys Software generates the detailed reports that make it possible to analyze faults and identify root causes of failure in the MRI machines. 
  • The efficiency of the client’s service engineers was greatly increased by this streamlined approach, which also made proactive maintenance and support possible.

MetaSys Software: The Best Application Integration Development Company in India

Enterprise mobile apps are in high demand, and successful system integration is essential for their development. The two case studies elaborated above provide evidence of MetaSys Software’s approach to creating enterprise mobile apps and highlight their ability to offer customized solutions that work well with existing infrastructure.
With their experience in of developing integrated applications , MetaSys Software combines their know-how, with a client-focused philosophy.
MetaSys Software, the leading application integration development company in India, is here to assist you in elevating your business to new heights with a flawlessly interconnected mobile application.
Visit our website at to learn more about our company and the services that we offer as an application integration development company.
Utilize the knowledge and specialized solutions of MetaSys Software to streamline your company’s operations and to unleash the power of enterprise mobile apps. To know more on this please visit Get in touch with our experts now!

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