February 28, 2023

React Native CLI, or Command-Line Interface, is a text-based interface that enables users to interact with software and operating systems through the use of commands. The React Native CLI consists of a set of commands specifically designed for use with React Native projects. Initially, the CLI was integrated into core React. However, in 2018, Facebook […]

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React Query: Making Data Fetching and Server-state Management Easier
August 26, 2022

React Query is the most performant and powerful data synchronization library for React. It performs functions such as server data fetching, caching, synchronizing, and modifying server states for React applications. While building a React app, developers can implement the data fetching feature in multiple ways, i.e., combinations of component-based states, react-redux, and react-hooks. These state-management […]

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New Changes In React 18
June 30, 2022

Introduction: What is React? React is an independent and open-source front-end JavaScript library for building user interfaces.The current version of React 18 provides developers with improved features to create a Great User Experience. Some of the improvements are Automatic Batching: Groups all state updates which in turn improves performance. Transitions: Is now more sophisticated and […]

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Basics of Dot Net that you Must Know
June 10, 2022

40.14% of software developers worldwide reportedly use React.js. The Meta (Facebook) offering is arguably the most loved since it overtook jQuery as per the 2021 Developer Survey by Stack Overflow. So what are the most essential skills, if you wish to get into the league of expert React Developers in 2022? Read to find out!  What […]

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April 26, 2021

The prerequisite to comprehend this article is a fair knowledge of Hooks. Hooks is a new addition in React 16.8 that let you use state and other React features without writing a class. In a React application, we can pass data from parent component to child components using the prop. However, this is limited to […]

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Package JSON
March 23, 2021

NPM is a Package Manager for Node JS. It was first created in 2009 as an open-source project to help JavaScript developers to easily share their code in the form of packages. NPM allows you to install the various public packages for the project. NPM has over 8,00,000 packages with public access. My intention behind […]

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November 20, 2020

Internationalization of an application, document or product refers to the development of easy content localization, i.e. modifying the content to target the language and culture of the region. Internationalizing an application leads to improved usability by people located across the globe. There are two main aspects to internationalization, firstly the detection of the user’s local […]

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September 3, 2020

Many new technologies have evolved because of the increasing demand for cross-platform products. Facebook’s React Native and Google’s Flutter have created a lot of buzz in the cross-platform app development market. These two trending technologies are both known for high performance, and many enterprises and big brands are embracing them to come out with value-driven […]

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August 27, 2020

React is one of the most popular technologies for front-end development, which uses a component based approach to enable fast app development. Redux is a predictable state container for JS apps, and works particularly well with React.  In this article, I will be covering some basics on how to set up React-Redux for state management […]

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