Why React?

React is impressive! Working with React technology to build a complex web or mobile application has many advantages.
  • The developer toolset makes React JS relatively easy to learn and implement.
  • React JS runs on the client side. With Node.js it is possible to render React on the server-side too.
  • It offers optimum use of functional & Reactive Programming.
  • React JS has a library which is both robust and adaptable.
  • React internally uses techniques for fast rendering of data. This results in good performance.
  • The component-based framework allows for high flexibility and reuse of components resulting in hassle-free development.

Why MetaSys?

In the past few years, MetaSys has developed custom solutions catering to business requirements spread across various industries and geographies. Core benefits that we offer:
  • High quality development through automated Test Driven Development approach.
  • Agile project management for timely delivery of projects.
  • One-point of contact to facilitate effective communication. You will communicate with a technically competent Project Manager, who will understand your business requirements.
  • The Project Manager involves developers, Business Analyst, Designers, QA as needed, to deliver a high – quality product.

What MetaSys offers,

Dynamic web app
ReactJS Web application development:
Our React specialists are capable of building user-friendly, interactive, responsive and intuitive web applications.
React Native App Development
React Native App Development:
MetaSys has experience in building native mobile applications which can run on Android and iOS devices.
Rapid web app
ReactJS Front-End Development:
Our Top-notch React expertise can create front end dashboards or interfaces to connect with the back end in any technology be it Elastic Search , No SQL , Mongo, My SQL or FileMaker.
Web app
Hassle-free Migration to React:
With the knowledge and experience built over years, our React developers can manage the process of migrating legacy applications to the React platform.
Dynamic report generation
ReactJS Plugin Development:
Our team can develop custom React JS plugins and modules.
React Integration
We have the ability to successfully integrate React applications into your existing systems and infrastructure.
React Product Development
Product Development:
MetaSys has a history of developing bug-free, object-oriented, custom product solutions using React technology.
React Development- Staff Augmentation
Staff Augmentation:
Do you wish to augment your team temporarily, to meet a deadline or business requirement? MetaSys, with its diverse experience, can quickly join in with the in-house team to meet your goals.
Support & Maintenance
Support & Maintenance:
Our timely support and maintenance services in React projects has helped our clients in moving forward with their go-to-market strategies.