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React Native

FM Quizilla


FM Quizilla, is an app to assist FileMaker Developers preparing for the FileMaker Certification Exam. The questions in the FileMaker Certification Exam are confidential and MetaSys does not have access to the Exam questions. MetaSys has followed the question patterns to give a feel of the actual exam questions, in FM Quizilla. The module test allows you to practice questions for a specific module that you choose. The practice test in FM Quizilla simulates an actual exam and generates a set of questions, each time covering all the modules. When you finish the test you receive your score. You can take the test any number of times, each time with a random selection of test questions. This helps to hone your FileMaker knowledge for the Certification Exam.
The App FM Quizilla was developed using React Native for both the platforms iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store.

Technologies: React JS, React Native, SQLite, React-Redux, React Router.

International Logistics and Transportation company


A Logistics company offering customized transportation wanted a mobile application for Android and iOS. The app helps clients track and manage their orders and payments on their mobile phone. MetaSys Software developed the app for both Android and iOS platforms using React Native.
The client uses a FileMaker application to manage their business operations. The mobile Application was tied to the very same back end, using Web APIs written in PHP and FileMaker.
Customers can log on to their accounts, track packages, update billing addresses, personal details.

Technologies: React JS, React Native, React Redux, React Router, PHP, FileMaker.

Machine Data Acquisition on a Mobile phone


Our client provides imaging systems and technology that enables computed tomography, digital mammography, and magnetic resonance imaging, as well as automated threat detection for aviation security across the globe.
The Client’s service engineers often visit sites and in some cases needed to consult with the R& D department. The need was for a simple automated way, for the service engineer to gather data from the machines from different sites and send it to the Laboratory. They also wanted data to be collected on a regular visit to determine the wellness of the equipment by monitoring key statistics.
MetaSys developed an App that connects to the Amplifier (BLE device) attached in the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machine using a Bluetooth Connection. The mobile app gathers various key statistics from the BLE onto the mobile Phone. The service engineer can review the data and then send via email and save it on the server for the R&D Department to analyze. The web app generates different reports to analyze faults and errors in the MRI machine.

Technologies: React JS, React Native, React-Redux, React Router, BLE manager, SQLite.

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