MetaBiz is a FileMaker based Multi-platform business management software that handles several aspects of Workflow Management and Customer Relationship Management. We offer customization of this product to align with your company’s specific business processes. To know more click here.

FM Quizilla

FM Quizilla supports you in the preparation for the FileMaker Certification. FM Quizilla trial can be downloaded from the App Store as well as Google Play. The free trial version gives you access to all the features for a limited number of questions. To know more click here.


MetaTrack allows your teams to capture time spent on different tasks or projects.A robust reporting section provides insights into costs by employee, by projects and by company. Role based access allows differing levels of access by role. Employees who are on the go can submit their time entries from their mobile phones. To know more click here.

FM Licensing

As a FileMaker Business Alliance Member, we are authorized resellers of FileMaker licenses. If you want to buy new or upgrade your existing FileMaker license please contact us. To know more click here.

NPM Widgets

We at MetaSys Software provide FREE, flexible NPM packages. These NPM widgets will help developers accelerate their development time and these widgets will work on both Android and iOS platforms.To know more click here.

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