FM Quizillaa – An app way to get FileMaker 16 certified!

FM Quizillaa – An app way to get FileMaker 16 certified!

FileMaker 16 Certification enhances a developer’s credibility and provides an edge amongst peer programmers. Some clients insist on some tangible proof of your abilities. Whether you are a programmer with a full-time job or student learning FileMaker you still need to prepare yourself for FileMaker 16 Certification exam. MetaSys fulfills this need with FM Quizillaa.Developers need a well-defined approach to prepare for the exam.  An ideal approach to study with the help of this app is by LEARNING – EXPERIENCING – PRACTICING.

Learning – One can learn about FileMaker 16 by:

  • Taking a class from FileMaker certified trainer
  • Going through the training series
  • Reading all the whitepapers released by FileMaker

Experiencing – After learning from the traditional channels, the next step is to experience the test in the real world. That is not possible unless a person actually gives the exam. FM Quizillaa helps the aspiring FileMaker programmers by giving them a real experience of giving the FM 16 certification exam. It follows the same format of questions and answers which are asked in the exam. FM Quizillaa has all the features of FM Quizilla 4 like iPhone/iPad compatibility, module wise tests, practice tests, social sharing, and a dashboard with historical analysis.

Practicing – Developers can practice by giving the test on iPhone or iPad anytime and anywhere. In the practice test, the user gets to attempt 65 random questions according to module weightage, similar to the actual FileMaker Certification exam. The FM 16 certification exam tests the individual’s overall knowledge of the FileMaker platform. The questions in FM Quizillaa cover all aspects like -building layouts, defining database schema, writing scripts, deployment, data integration etc.

Developers would enjoy the gamification element of the app where they can compete with their friends. With the social sharing function, they can tweet the test score to their friends and competitors. Mistakes are corrected along the way and lead to learning. Plus you can practice anywhere anytime!!

FM Quizillaa increases your confidence level while appearing for the FileMaker 16 Certification Exam the app can be downloaded from the app store.

Please note: FM Quizilla 4 users are entitled to a discount if they upgrade the app through In-App purchase to the latest FM Quizillaa.


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