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React JS

Interactive Front-End Dashboard for Security Analytics Product Company

Security Dashboard

A Network Security Analytics Platform ingests billions of events from across clients business, applies algorithms to identify threats.
A user-friendly, customizable dashboard presents the data in the form of reports, alerts, graphs with drill-down capability. Clients are able to spot threats in real-time.
MetaSys supported the in-house team by developing the Front-end dashboard with features like Tracking Malicious Events, Monitoring Asset wise Network Activities and Tracking region wise request and response.
As Startup confidentiality, agility and price were important considerations and the relationship continues for 4+ years.
Flexible bandwidth to support their in-house staff, Quickly understand the client business and add value to their staff.

Technologies: React JS, React Router Redux, Webpack, Node JS server, Babel, Plugins like React Fusioncharts, React DnD, VIS JS, Slate.

Crop Health Data Analytics


An Agri-tech company collects hyper-spectral images of crops using drones and airplanes. Technology is used to translate this data to information and products that allows subscribers to manage vast crop acreage in real-time.
A web-based interactive dashboard provides actionable data to the crop growers on crop health, disease, water index of farms.
MetaSys worked on features like Hassle-free plotting of Geo-Spatial Data with user’s notes, revamping the Notes function and developing custom functions with Mapbox as well as other navigational features. While enhancing these features, MetaSys also resolved Usability Issues on the Dashboard.
How did MetaSys help :
Speed, Agility and Successful co-ordination between in-house staff and our team, allowed new features to be delivered in time for the growing season. Know more
Technologies: React JS, React Router Redux, Mapbox, TypeScript, Docker,
i18n internationalization plugin.


Timesheet Dashboard

This product is developed in React JS. It’s backend is developed in PHP and MySQL. It has differentiated rights for different Roles like Super- User, Employees and Manager/ Project Manager. Users can book time spent on different projects both billable and non-billable time. It has several built-in reports to provide insights at different levels.
Technologies: React JS, React Router Redux, PHP and MySQL

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