Web application for Managing an Indoor Sky Diving Operation

The web application was built for an indoor skydiving provider.

Users register/login to the site and book their desired date and time slots for their skydiving experience. The reservation module uses the calendar tool to indicate available slots. The application generates an invoice and sends the user a notification by email. They can also buy merchandise via an online catalog and shopping cart. Payment gateway integration is also incorporated into the application. The application has a user portal, where registered users can view their reservations, packages, profile and purchases. The admin module allows for the creation of Master data.
Technologies: CakePHP and MySQL.

Web Application for an Institution Promoting Creative & Critical Thinking

This web application developed using PHP 5, Code Igniter framework and MYSQL allows students across various countries to participate in the Program organized by the Institute. The application assists students in managing the entire workflow for users involved in the business of stimulating and developing their critical and creative thinking skills.

The application provides ‘User Management’ which allows managing various modules based on the user role. Affiliates manage schools as well as students in their area. They also manage registrations, components, evaluations and score sheets of students. Coaches register for the program and guide the students under them for the practice problems. Students appear for different programs/topics, defined by the Affiliate. They are provided with an e-booklet which has objective as well as subjective questions. The editor allows for descriptive answers. After submitting the Booklet, the Evaluators evaluate the students based on various criteria and score them. The score sheet is then provided to students for viewing. During practice sessions, students can chat with their coaches.
Technologies: CakePHP and MySQL.


This product is based on PHP and MySQL. It has differentiated rights for different Roles like Super- User, Employees and Manager/ Project Manager. Users can book time spent on different projects both billable and non-billable time. It has several built-in reports to provide insights at different levels.
Technologies: Built using PHP and MySQL. A new version using React for the front end is under development.

Interactive Front-End Dashboard for Security Analytics Product Company

Our client has developed a Security Analytics Platform. The MetaSys team developed the Front-End Dashboard using the React JS Framework and Node JS. The Front-End architecture allows users namely the Security Analysts to customize their dashboard. Users start with a default list of reports which can be moved/saved/customized. It allows analysts to filter results using SQL type of queries. The interface allows a pictorial drill down enabling the analysts to start with a ‘hunch” and use the network graph to discover the threats in real time. The development team follows code reviews and the scrum methodology.
Team uses ‘Asana’ – Project management tool to manage the tasks, its due dates and priorities. Versioning of the code is handled using Gitlab version control tool and the team takes the responsibility to not to push the code without code review by other team members using ‘Review Board’ tool.
Technologies: React JS, React Router Redux, Webpack, Node JS server, Babel, Plugins like React Fusioncharts, React DnD, VIS JS, Slate.