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FileMaker application for a textile company

Our client is a textile manufacturing, dyeing, knitting unit and part of a large conglomerate. The factory runs three shifts and 358 days in the year with one week of downtime. Legacy FileMaker 5.5 application developed several years ago had acquired a critical role in the manufacturing process. Their initial plan was to migrate the FileMaker workflow management and Formulations Management System from FileMaker with its 1500+ files and hundreds of users to their robust SAP system. For several reasons, it could not be migrated.

In the end, the client approached MetaSys to plan and implement the upgrade from FileMaker version 5.5 to version 17. MetaSys looked into the business processes involved, and all the dependencies in bridging the huge technical gap at hardware, software and process levels. An integrated project plan was developed and implemented. The technology upgrade makes it possible to implement long-awaited enhancements. The client also had mandated various IT Security Policy requirements. After the upgrade, Integration with Active Directory and the mandated audit logging requirements were implemented.

The upgrade and enhancement project was too large for the In-House IT department. MetaSys provided high-quality technical expertise and the bandwidth to enable them to implement the upgrade. MetaSys continues to supplement the In- House team for the enhancements. One of the processes being followed was leading to an explosion in the number of files. MetaSys worked with the IT team to understand the issue and redesigned the solution. We consolidated the files which resulted in fewer maintenance efforts.

Both the Management and the IT department now view MetaSys as a partner for their FileMaker projects.
Technologies: FileMaker 17, Integration with Base Elements for Audit Log

River Cruise Booking Application

River Cruise Booking

Our client is a river cruise company based in Myanmar. We were tasked with developing an online reservation system for their business. The architecture consists of an FM server and clients hosted on a hosting site in the UK; Citrix clients at the client’s office in Myanmar (through which they access the FileMaker client), and a web server that hosts the website for reservations in the US. The hosting architecture (FM client & server accessed over Citrix) was chosen since the client was looking to minimize both his IT footprint as well as the cost of FileMaker licenses.

We implemented the backend FM database, the FM clients that contain the desktop reservation, as well as the PHP code for the web front end. This system is currently in production.Since the initial build, several enhancements have been made namely: Integrating separate files for each season into one application, Ability to book cruise segments and Pre and Post Cruise Add-on Tours all managed within the same application. The system manages agents and their commissions.
Technologies: Initially built on FileMaker 12 and PHP, the application is now upgraded to FM 16.

Retail Cigar & Watch Store

Cigar & Watch Store

Our client is in International Trade of Cigar and High-end Luxury Watches. MetaSys developed an Inventory management application initially in FileMaker 12. The core functionalities involved managing supplier orders, customer orders, stock in, stock out, consignment and document management. Reporting functionalities included Current stock, Purchase/Sales report, Margin report, Commission report etc. The original configuration included FM clients and servers all hosted on the client’s premises. We migrated the FM server to a hosted site in the UK since the client wanted to reduce his IT footprint to the minimum.

A recent requirement was to develop a native iOS application to extend his reach via mobile for both his internal staff as well as clients. The native iOS app is linked to the FileMaker Database with Web services using CWP. These applications involve complex implementations like sending multiple attachments from various sources like Gallery, Dropbox, Google Drive etc. The iOS application sends offers to large number of their clients with multiple pdf attachments.
Technologies: Initially developed on FileMaker 12 the application is now upgraded to FM16, 360Works E-Mail Plugin.

Entertainment Company Business Process Management

Business Process Management

Our client is an entertainment company in the US. We were tasked with upgrading his legacy FileMaker system to FileMaker 13. The application manages the agencies, entertainers and their acts and schedules. We provided a fresh new look and feel using FM13 templates and also added new calendar functionality via plug-ins.
Technologies: FileMaker 13, Froodware plugin for Calendar integration.

Bike Tours Business Process Management

Bike Tours Business

Our client is a cycling tour company in France. They required us to create an application that modelled their business flow of booking passengers along with their various partner interactions for hotels, bike rentals, passenger details, tour details etc.
Technology: FileMaker 13.

Courier Service in Bermuda

Courier Service in Bermuda

Our client is an International Logistics Company providing customized global transportation services. The client has specialized teams to handle services such as courier and logistics, international mail processing, document and package express. The custom FileMaker Application manages all their workflows. The solution was developed in version 5 and upgraded over time. The FileMaker application continues to effectively serve them. The application is designed to work for the processes they use to meet their business challenges. For example, A challenge for consumers and businesses on the Island is the high delivery and shipping costs, from and to the Mainland as well as a complex customs charges and customs clearance process. Our client provides their individual consumers or business’ a unique member id and a common address in the US where packages are collected and transported to the Island the next day. This allows the Islanders the opportunity to order goods from anywhere in the Mainland at the best price without having to cope with exorbitant shipping and delivery charges. Integration with the 360 works Plastic Plugin allows a smooth PCI compliant process to manage all credit card charges.
Technologies: FileMaker, 360 works Plastic Plugin, Mailit Plugin.

Business Process Management Application

Business Process Management Application

Our client manufactures clothing and equipment on a different continent and supplies to local organisations in the UK. An in-house FileMaker application had been developed to manage their operations. As their business grew they required professional help so they could focus on their core business. MetaSys took over their application, understood their business goals and made the necessary modifications to improve their productivity. The application had several images, files and documents within the FileMaker application. With multiple locales and growth in data, the application was slow. We moved to external data storage which improved performance. We integrated Calendar, Mail Send Receive using Plug-ins. Additional modules were added to extend the application to meet their ongoing business requirements and improve collaboration across their vendors and partners in different locales.
Technologies: FileMaker 16, Integration with 360 works email plug-in and SO SIMPLE calendar API integration.

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