5 reasons why FM Quizilla 4 is important for aspiring Certified FileMaker 14 developers
FM Quizilla 4

FileMaker is meant for building custom apps that work seamlessly across platforms Windows, Mac OS X, Web or mobile devices like iPad, iPhone. Even with limited amount of programming knowledge, it is now possible to build a custom app using FileMaker. Millions of people are now using apps created by FileMaker for their businesses.

Many developers have basic to intermediary knowledge of FileMaker but there is a dearth of avenues to learn and test advanced programming skills. In order to address the needs of aspiring FM developers, MetaSys Software developed an App ‘FM Quizilla 4’ using it, one can practice for FileMaker 14 certification.

There are several features in FM Quizilla 4 app that makes it a complete package. Here are 5 reasons why FM Quizilla 4 is a handy product for people who are looking for FileMaker 14 certification.

  1. The FM Quizilla 4 app is compatible with iOS devices supporting 7 and above. It can be easily downloaded from the Apple store.
  2. The app allows you to share scores with other developers through social media & your performance is displayed on the dashboard. It displays total test attempts, last score and other such relevant details.
  3. The questions asked in the app are in the same format as that of the certification test. They are categorized to cover different modules and topics.
  4. Practicing with this app is snappy. You can check your answer and proceed to the next question or review all your answers whether correct or incorrect towards the end of the test. The app gives you ample ammunition to prepare yourself for the certification.
  5. Once you gain more confidence, you can set a timer and proceed to the next modules. Thus you systematically progress towards preparing yourself thoroughly for the certification.

Any difficult job can be done with proper planning and strategizing. The app helps you to plan and act so that you move in the right direction to crack the test. Happy learning and good luck for your certification!

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